Sunset On Dresden Drive

It’s an emotional abuse

Turning strangers into friends

Too close, don't let me fall

Emotional temperature rising

Foaming like the sea, too close,

Help me, help me

Emotional temperature rising, holding me, foaming like the sea, you're not impressed, you've seen it all before, so many faces of me lining the shanty town of my soul, those rugged streets , don't let me fall from you now

They're selling doves at the temple, it’s a fair exchange, pure white for gold, and I'm adrift in the city of the night, I’m all sold out, swaying like flowers out in the cold, in those rugged streets, don't let me fall from you now

Don't let me fall, don't let me die

The moon is out over Oakley Rd. and I miss you

Don’t let me fall, don't let me die

The moon is out; it’s just arrived over Dresden Drive

Superlatives blazing, that’s how I was when I was young. An ideal view is stacked like dynamite, you drew me in to hide in your holy bed that night, in those satin sheets, you never named the day, but we both knew – don’t let me fall etc.

Teach me how to draw the line, show me how to realign my heart, I want to know there’s something more, lock the door, make me ask for more, please

Don't let me fall ...

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