Going Onward

From the last quarter of 2013 a fresh song-writing wave swept me with an artistically emotive tsunami into the New Year. By January’s end, the song-count stood at seven at which I had to take action to stop. The creative advances were summarily thwarted like over-keen suitors who had to first prove themselves.

I had to regroup. Before any consideration to re-couple with music, I'll invite in the old flame but no further than the lounge. Let him sit in a well- lit spot near the window and the door so I can deem if his face has changed satisfactorily, or send him packing if I see vestiges of old naivety or pride glint in his eye; remnant errors of youth and inexperience.

Taking refuge in safe, high ground, I scrutinised the wisdom of re-embracing the lover that spurned me, the soulmate of music and words which I had laid in the ground of yesterdays.

Strangely, the momentum took off at a tangent through a string of events. The new wave appears to have moved literally in my merged, visual/conceptual imagination. Like a surge mounts and sweeps then turns back on itself, somehow the old body of work got scooped up and rolled out just as you see it before you.

The new stuff is being held back for something to go forward with, lest I should give it all away like cheap love. Oops, dropped a heavy metaphor, pardon me.

Here is the title list as a pledge (if you can ever guarantee anything other than the famed two of which at least one is debatable) that there’s possibly more to come.

  • Love Survives
  • Strangelove
  • Rather Hang With the Hanged Man
  • Nosferatu on the Loose
  • In the Last Rewrite
  • Alien
  • Shine

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