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My songs are available for streaming audio and free to play for private use only. My lyrics are free to read. If you wish to use my songs or lyrics commercially then please Contact me.

Below is a list of audio files I created. Click the play button in the audio player to listen.

Marianne Velvart - Official Demo Songs (Jazz Batch)
To listen to my demo songs click here.

Marianne Velvart and with and without her Bands - Home and Live Recordings (Assorted Tracks)

Infantasia Lyrics
Infantasia - Live at The Garage, London Lyrics
Mario And The Hula Girl Lyrics
Colour Me Whole - Live
Colour Me Whole
Dry Bones
Mean Tune - Live at The Garage, London Lyrics
Sunset On Dresden Drive Lyrics
Absurd Confidence
Crazy Sunday Lyrics
Crazy Sunday - Live Lyrics
Skiving From School
Must Be
Plantation (Under Night Sky)
Scarecrows Lyrics
Timepiece Lyrics
Learning To Last
Dorian Turning Grey Lyrics
Shadow Boxing - Live Lyrics
Victims (Of Victims) Lyrics
Jewel - Live Lyrics

Paley's Watch - November (Sample Tracks)
All music and lyrics 
© 1994 Marc Catley, Duncan Parsons, Marianne Velvart.

Harold Slater

Marianne Velvart - Going Onward

Find out what’s new in the world of Marianne Velvart.