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Mario And The Hula Girl

Dawn, walking out to the mist-blue air
Making eyes, he delights in his Hula girl
Amore, any eye can see
It’s an old innuendo playing in her long blond hair.

Dawn, and the clubs give up the ghost
Mario and the gay boys and the half-cut host
And she, spilling out of the Limelight rooms
It’s a new orientation for her stiletto shoes.

They are the children of this transfixed moment
He wakes up her emotions with radar-like fingers
He wipes out her past and there’s nothing to linger
Just here in this moment with the sweat of the dance
Still on their faces.

Stand up now, stand up in the name of the law
Carry me away to the carnival at Rio
Tequila storm in my hair, charging the air, don’t really care
If it’s static, it’s ecstatic, go on oowakkadooah like a Hula girl.

 Dawn, spreading wide as her easy smile
Locking arms with the others in the carnival file
They glow, in the light of the yellow heat
Sway low with the lanterns, hum to the lazy beat.

Dawn, the tequila is a skin-deep wine
Mario and the Hula girl’s arms entwine
Amore, anyone can see
They awaken the dawning day with this fantasy.

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