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Plantation Under Night Sky

Constellations twinkling, clusters of delight –
Do we have an inkling of what’s within our sight?
Are we the beautiful and the damned?  Is life a binge, still clueless in the end?  Are We chance or creation?
Weighing our little scales we ride
High in the saddle of the subtle art of pride – masters of evasion….. as the land recedes – all fading away….is there anything for keeps?

I will plant me a plantation,
I will go there in secret when no-one sees –
On my knees
And I will press little seeds of sincerity
Into the soil of your
Divinity –
Say hello –
To this God whom I barely know
But I’m 
Ready to hear –

I'm in awe of this creation,
Sky spills light in every direction –
Darkness flees –
A masterpiece grips my soul –
I’m the tiller of the soil
Who this cynical world couldn't spoil –
Sky’s indigo –
And off we go!

I will find me a foundation –
The only absolute foundation
Man can know –
I will grow, overflowing with belief –
‘cause I have found the confidence to tell him in my own words: that I believe in the substance of this amazing universe!

I will give in to temptation,
The only ultimate temptation
That leads to life –
Darn the lies of this world, the hollow trust in disbelief….
‘cause hey:  Here I am on a little blue-green planet
between Venus and Mars called earth – and I believe in the substance of the universe.

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